Are you an investor?

Are you a person with experience, a network of contacts and do you have the capital to invest in an innovative project with the capacity for growth?

DaD is a group of Business Angels (entrepreneurs, managers and professionals from different sectors) who want to invest and be part of new entrepreneurial projects. They are people who contribute:


Investor services:
  • Selection of projects after an economic and financial analysis
  • Presentation of business projects
  • Periodical organization of Investment Forums
  • Reception of a project book
  • Advice during the investment process
  • Participation in Congresses, fairs and networking sessions

DaD’s investment strategy allows us to enter technology-based projects at very early stages, which allows us to actively contribute to the final definition of the project and prepare it for subsequent rounds of investment, optimizing the value of the investee in a very short time.

The mixed incubation + investment option is inspired by the Smart Money concept and it is aimed at maximizing the monetary value of the investment, enriching it with contributions of high added value to deal with the next round of financing in optimal valuation conditions.

The investor finds in DaD a way to diversify his investment in venture capital projects, with the guarantee of having the analysis of specialists and the monitoring of experts in technology-based projects.

The main objective of DaD is to offer investment opportunities to companies at an early stage, but with growth and profitability perspectives, which is why these are analyzed and filtered by a committee. For the small investor, this activity represents a great advance, since they usually have difficulties to find good investing opportunities. In addition to investing in startups that want to continue growing, we accompany them throughout the process, even after the investment: we help them grow, prepare documentation for other investors, we support them in future rounds.

If you are looking for an investment vehicle to enter the venture capital ecosystem, we would love to explain our model in greater depth.


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