Do you have a startup or a project in the seed phase? Do you need financing to continue growing? 


DaD shares with you some keys to successfully approach the launch of a new business project.


It is essential to focus on growing the business, from day one.

The first priority is to generate growth for the business, and sustain this growth constantly. Growth, in a first stage, is more important than cost control.

The areas of operations, marketing and business development must be thoroughly managed.

The key areas of the business, when implementing a business plan, are operations, marketing and business development. For each of these areas it is necessary to have the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) very close at hand, which are the management indicators for each of these areas that allow us to see if the business is going in the right direction, quickly see what works, and what does not work when implementing the business plan.

You have to maintain an attitude of constant learning and quick reaction to circumstances.

From the first moment, it is important to have a constant learning attitude – test the activities, control their results. If the results are good, it is important to expand the activities quickly. And if they are bad, you have to cut the activities completely, and launch other alternatives – have flexibility. React. Do not get paralyzed.

Surround yourself with expert advisors from day one.

When implementing a business plan for the first time it is very important to have good experienced advisers, from whom to learn, and to rely on, constantly. These advisers may be part of the new company’s own team, or external advisers.

Team profiles have to evolve with the business.

The team with which the company is launched is composed, above all, of multifaceted and multidisciplinary profiles. And as the business grows, these profiles will become more specialized. The ideal is to have a team that can, as a whole group, grow and evolve based on the needs of the company. But it is realistic to have some changes along the way.



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